• Image of Organizing Isolation
  • Image of Organizing Isolation

"Organizing Isolation is a snapshot of the decay of written, sealed, and posted correspondence. Each poem is comprised of words, letters, and shapes from just one letter, postmarked between 2013 and 2016. As the letters traveled across countries and continents, the senders forgot what it was they had intended to express when they first put pen to paper. The author of this book, reading those letters, took a stab at interpreting them(...). (...)He took those words and tried to arrange them honestly, with glue, so that their positions might be fixed -- until someone opens the book in which these patterns are printed."

A long-talker based in Buffalo, NY, Aidan Ryan has written on music, travel, and literature for CNN, The Skinny, The White Review, and Traffic East. Ryan is co-editor of the print poetry magazine Foundlings.

8.5" x 10"
72 pages / b&w / color
digital press, letterpress (cover)
Edition of 100, unnumbered